“I found out about VFC in 2001 when the team that started the church came door knocking in my area. I attended out of curiosity, but soon came to accept God and started becoming involved in different areas of the church like the youth group and the worship team. I stayed at VFC for 11 years, before moving to another church in 2012.

VFC was my first church, so this was where God first worked in me. This was an invaluable time, and through the relationships I developed at VFC, I came to know more about Jesus, his Church and myself. I believe that VFC with the purchase of their own building will be better equipped to serve the congregation and the families in the local area.”

  • Yong


“I moved from Tasmania to Melbourne after completing a certificate 4 in youth and community work (Christian) and was looking for a church to worship in. I was going to other churches not really settled in any. I found myself discouraged with many churches that I visited in Melbourne.

As I was driving I seen a new sign board stating “ Victory Family Centre” but I continue to passed by for the next 4 weeks. Then one Sunday I decided to attend the service at Victory Family Centre. That was in the year 2007 and I have been consistently attending the church services since. From the very first meeting, I felt welcomed and I found areas to serve in being part of the church. VFC has made an impact on my life and my journey as a Page 27 of 29 Christian. I continue to grow on a weekly basis and I’m enjoying my life in Melbourne because of VFC.

Ever since I became a Christian, I’ve always looked for opportunities to share the gospel and to help young people find Jesus as their Saviour. For ten years I served in western Sydney and seen lots of people begin their journey of faith. As VFC is now looking at acquiring a venue of permanence, I truly believe this will be a blessing to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne because we will be able to reach many kinds of young people to start impacting their lives. The venue will also provide a platform for youth work and we are looking at providing an educational aspect as a way to reach the young people in the eastern region.”

  • Barry


“As most would know, Ray & I go a long way back. We’ve know each other since the early 80’s in OUG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When we heard that Ray was coming over to pastor VFC, we got leave from FGA Melbourne and joined VFC.

That was in 2005 and we’ve been attending VFC since then. During the same year, I developed cysts in my ovary and an enlarged kidney and ureter. The church elder prayed for me and I received healing. The tests found were inconclusive which meant even though the symptoms were there, they did not affect my organ functioning. The cysts were gone when my youngest, Tamara was born. VFC is family-centred which is fantastic as I’ve four children. My youngest Tamara was born in the same year as Ray’s youngest – Kiarra.

The Sunday school is great in teaching children the things of God as we need to as they’re the next generation of Christ’s ambassadors. Page 28 of 29

My oldest- Tabitha and Timothy are also involved in the music worship and it’s a delight to see them engaged in worship and leading the church in worship. It’s also good for their spiritual growth being involved in worship. The church has been there for our two oldest children when we took a trip back to Malaysia in 2010- 2011.

I believe in VFC reaching out as a community support to single parents, families in need, etc. and had supported this endeavour since 2008. God’s willing; VFC with the purchase of its own church building will help reach the community whereby many families and individuals will be able to find help. It’ll be a fantastic blessing to the wider community indeed!

  • Siew & Family